We hold the challenge of climate change close to our hearts

Laundryheap is committed to making a sustainable impact for the health of our planet


Sustainability standards define the way we conduct our business

Through fostering a culture of environmental friendliness across our business globally, we have a single mission to provide laundry and dry cleaning services without harming our home, Earth.

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Building a greener future is the responsibility of all corporations and, at Laundryheap, we have played a vital role in pushing green initiatives with our partners across the globe. We have seen a fantastic response from many facilities on the focus to be more environmentally friendly.Quote green

Ruxandra Lica, Laundryheap Chief Customer & Partners Operations



Laundryheap is a leader in operational water sustainability

We've taken decisive steps to mitigate the negative environmental impacts associated within the laundry sector. We are dedicated to improving the standard of water stewardship.

30 degrees wash

Rather than wasting energy on hot water, we eliminate the need for excessive heating

Some of our partner facilities use high-speed extraction machines, resulting in more water being saved after every wash and less time being required in dryers. In addition to this, they take a circular water use approach, where central boilers are used to efficiently heat their machines, rather than electrically heating all individually. The steam produced through this method can be controlled and reused for dryers, dry cleaning and ironing.




Our cleaning partners use environmentally friendly detergents

And with the help of automatic dosing pumps we increase the accuracy of doses, whilst producing minimal waste. Before any sewage waste is sent out via tankers, the water is treated and filtered to reduce the risk of environmental damage.


Recycling is a core process

Waste that is labelled correctly is thrown away as intended. Also, customers can send back hangers so our partner facilities can reuse them. We also contributed to this further by changing our laundry bags from plastic to cotton in the MENA region and in Singapore, resulting in our customers reusing bags up to ~5 times.




Solar energy as part of our commitments to go green

We have partnered with cleaning facilities that are investing into the use of solar energy across their facilities. This is an ongoing process, with the main use cases being for lighting and powering computer equipment.

reduce the offset of carbon

We've invested a further £2.5Million into the use of EAVs, as a means to become more sustainably operational

Since April 2021 alone, when we acquired our first set of EAVs we have reduced carbon emissions by 2.39 CO2 Tonnes. By the end of 2022we will have saved over 41 CO2 Tonnes.

Fleet Vehicle Optimisation

Using route optimisation technology, vehicles with efficient fuel consumption, and EAVs in select destinations, is enabling us to decrease our carbon emissions. Ensuring that we have a regularly maintained fleet, combined with regional fencing technology, helps us to reduce the distance of mileage per task.



B2B Partnerships

We're creating meaningful and mutually beneficial partnerships across a vast array of industries, verticals and business models, globally

Sustainable operations don't only help to reduce the damage that is occurring throughout the planet, but also provide a means to successful business. Our partners whether an airline, hotel, restaurant, office or employee benefits scheme benefit from our continued investment into green initiatives.

Supply chain sustainability

Collaborating closely with our partners, we identify and develop sustainable working practices. Including; green transport management, waste water, chemicals, and the use of plastic.